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Associate Professor, Department of History and American Studies, University of Mary Washington, Fredericksburg, VA. 2004-present.

Service: Fulbright Program Advisor and Reviewer, Co-founded Middle East Studies Certificate, Faculty Senator, USIP reviewer, Established Ottoman Istanbul summer course, General Education Committee Member.

Jennings Randolph Senior Fellow, United States Institute of Peace, Washington, DC. 2007-2008.

Researched ethnic conflict and population displacement in Iraq and the Middle East since 2003.

Visiting Lecturer, Department of History, Boğaziçi Üniversitesi, Istanbul, Turkey. 2007.

Taught introductory course in Ottoman History to Turkish and American students with UMW Istanbul summer course.

Visiting Lecturer, Department of History, Loyola University, New Orleans, LA. 2003-2004.

Service: Faculty speaking series lecture, Arab-Israeli conflict debate co-organizer, church and community lectures, Islamic World visiting faculty grant application assistant, Turkish Studies library support grant applicant.

Research Assistant, Ottoman Socio-Economic History for Professor Dina Khoury, Başbakanlık Archives, Istanbul. 1999.

Researched, evaluated, and collected archival records from 16-18th century imperial registers (Mühimme Defterleri).

Arabic Assistant Bibliographer, Joseph Regenstein Library, University of Chicago. 1998.

Conducted acquisition searches, catalogued Arabic serials, and organized microfilm collections.

Program Tutor, University of Chicago Center for Middle East Studies (CMES) Summer Arabic Program. 1998.

Research Assistant, Ottoman History for Professor Cornell Fleischer, University of Chicago. 1994.

Teaching Assistant, “Policy Analyis for International Affairs” course, Columbia University, SIPA. 1990.



Ph.D, Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations, 2004, University of Chicago, Chicago, IL.

Dissertation Title: “Şehzade Korkud (ca. 1468-1513) and the Articulation of 16th Century Ottoman Religious Identity”

M.A., Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations, 1996, University of Chicago, Chicago, IL.

Thesis Title: “Philology of al-Jahiz’s (d. 869) Prose Works”

Fields of Study and Directors:

Ottoman Language and Literature                                Robert Dankoff

Ottoman History                                                              Cornell Fleischer

Islamic History and Classical Arabic Literature          Wadad Kadi

Intermediate, Advanced Turkish Language & Literature Certificates, 1994, 1995, Boğaziçi Üniversitesi, Istanbul, Turkey.

ARIT Summer Turkish Language Immersion Program, Intermediate and Advanced.

Advance Arabic Language Cert., 1991, Center for Arabic Studies Abroad, American University in Cairo (AUC), Egypt.

M.I.A., 1990, School of International and Public Affairs, Columbia University, New York, NY.

Specializations: Economic and Political Development, International Policy Analysis and Management.

B.S.F.S., 1988, School of Foreign Service, Georgetown University, (SFS), Washington, DC.

Bachelor of Science in Foreign Service (BSFS), 1988.  Major: Development Economics.  Minor:  Arab Studies.

Year Abroad Student, 1986-87, AUC, Egypt.  Concentrations: Middle East Area Studies, Economics.



Op-Ed Submissions: Washington Times,Richmond Times-Dispatch, Fredericksburg Free Lance-Star.

[in preparation]: Every Soul Tastes Death: Şehzade Korkud (ca. 1468-1513) and the Struggle over 16th Century Ottoman Religious Identity.

[in press] “Hall ishkāl al-afkār: an Ottoman Royal’s Sharī‘a Argument for Imperial Control over Sea Ghāzī Plunder,” in Proceedings of La Frontière Méditerranéenne du 15e au 17e Siècle: Échanges Circulations et Affrontements.

[in press] Book Review of Orit Bashkin, The Other Iraq.

[in press] Book Review of Adeed Dawisha, Iraq.

2010: “There Go the Neighborhoods: Policy Effects vis-à-vis Iraqi Forced Migration.” In Dispossession and Displacement: Forced Migration in the Middle East and  North Africa. British Academy Occasional Paper 14, eds. Dawn Chatty and Bill Finlayson. Oxford: University Press, 2010.

2009: “War, State Collapse and the Predicament of Education in Iraq.” In Education and the Arab World: Political Projects, Struggles, and Geometries of Power, World Yearbook of Education 2010, eds. André E. Mazawi and Ronald G. Sultana. London: Routledge Press, 2009, pp. 350-360.

2009: “Negligient Mnemocide and the Shattering of Iraqi Collective Memory.” In Cultural Cleansing:  The Willful Destruction of Iraq, eds. Raymond W. Baker, Shereen T. Ismael, and Tareq Y. Ismael. London: Pluto Press, 2009, pp. 93-115.

2009: “Was There an Iraq Before There Was an Iraq?” in International Journal of Contemporary Iraqi Studies 3:2 (2009), pp. 133-142.

2008: “U.S. Policy and the Creation of a Sectarian Iraq.” In Iraq’s Refugee and IDP Crisis: Human Toll and Implications, Viewpoints Special Edition, Washington: Middle East Institute, 2008.

2008: “Viewpoint: How the Iraq Map Has Been Redrawn,” Reuters AlertNet, Sept. 18, 2008.

2008: “Tikrit.” In Oxford Encyclopedia of the Modern World:1750 to the Present, ed. Peter N. Stearns.  Oxford: University Press, 2008.

2007: “Ottoman Iraq.” The Journal of the Historical Society 7:2 (June 2007), pp. 201-211.

2007: “‘Stuff Happens’: A Brief Overview of the 2003 Destruction of Iraqi Manuscript Collections, Archives, and Libraries.” Library Trends 55:3 (Winter, 2007), pp. 730–745.

2007: Human Rights Review (8:2, Winter, pp. 129-131) book review: Dalacoura, Katerina. Islam, Liberalism, and Human Rights. London: I.B. Taurus, 2003.

2005: “Kalam in the Service of State: Apostasy Rulings and the Defining of Ottoman Communal Identity.” In Legitimizing the Order: Ottoman Rhetoric of State Power, eds. Hakan T. Karateke and Maurus Reinkowski.  Leiden: Brill, 2005, pp. 131-149.

2005: “The Hajj as Justifiable Self-Exile: Şehzade Korkud’s Wasilat al-ahbāb (915-916/1509-1510).” al-Masāq 17/1 (2005), pp. 125-146.

2005: “From Showcase to Basket Case: Education in Iraq.” ISIM Review 15 (Spring 2005), pp. 24-25.

2003 [web report]: “Iraq Manuscript Collections, Archives, and Libraries Situation Report,” Baghdad, Iraq.

2003 [web report]: “Social and Political Forces in Iraq: An NGO Primer,” Baghdad, Iraq. [defunct website],

2001: “Şehzade Korkud (ca. 1468-1513).” In Pax Ottomana: Studies in Memoriam Prof. Nejat Göyünç (1925-2001), Turquoise Series 7, ed. Kemal Çiçek. Haarlem, Ankara: SOTA, 2001, pp. 659-674.

2000: Mamluk Studies Review (4, pp. 260-265) book review: Ibn Zunbul, Ahmad b. ‘Ali. Wāqi‘āt al-Sultān al-Ghawrī ma‘a Salīm al-‘Uthmānī, ed. ‘Abd al-Mun‘im ‘Āmir. Cairo: al-Hay’ah al-Misriyah al-‘Āmmah lil-Kitab, 1997.

1997: Jusūr: The UCLA Journal of Middle Eastern Studies (13, pp. 103-107) book review: Renard, John.  Seven Doors to Islam: Spirituality and the Religious Life of Muslims. Berkeley: University of California Press, 1996.

1993: with Deborah Brautigam, Robert Smith, Lan Sun, and Christine Wrona. “Identifying a Small Enterprise Project: The Handicrafts Industry in Belize.” In Pew Case Studies in International Affairs. Washington: Institute for the Study of Diplomacy, 1993.



Radio Interviews: KALW, KPFA, Pacifica, Swedish Public Radio, War News Radio, Wisconsin Public Radio, A World of Possibilities.

“Iraqi Provincial Border Changes from the Ottoman Era to Today,” Workshop on the Developing Environment of Middle East Peace, Japan Institute of International Affairs, Tokyo [invited], 2010.

“Messiah Lovers, Sola Scriptura, and the Early Evolution of both an Ottoman Islam and Protestantism,” World History Association Symposium, Istanbul, 2010.

“Shifting Borders and State Prerogatives: Iraqi Provincial Border Changes from the Ottoman Era to Today,” World Congress for Middle Eastern Studies Conference, Barcelona, 2010.

Roundtable Speaker, “Teaching the Greater Middle East in a Time of War,” International Studies Association Conference, New Orleans, 2010.

Panel Speaker, “Nurtering Curricular Vitality in the History Major at Public Liberal Arts Colleges,” Association of American Colleges and Universities Conference, Washington, 2010.

“Sea Ghazis, Warrior Priests, and One Ottoman Patron’s Articulation of Just War (ca. 1497-1508),” American History Association Conference, San Diego, 2010.

“Sea Ghazis, Warrior Priests, and One Ottoman Patron’s Articulation of Just War (ca. 1497-1508),” La Frontière Méditerranéenne du 15e au 17e Siècle: Échanges Circulations et Affrontements Colloquium, Centre d’études supérieures de la Renaissance, Tours [invited], 2009.

Presenter, Iraq’s New Reality: Key Drivers and Determinants Workshop, Centre for International Governance Innovation, Waterloo [invited], 2009.

“Requirements in the [UMW] History Major,” 5th Annual COPLAC [Consortium of Public Liberal Arts Colleges]Faculty

Summer Institute on Liberal Learning in the Disciplines, Focus Discipline: History, UNC-Asheville, 2009.

Speaker, Iraqi Émigré Town Hall, Iraqi Embassy, Washington, 2009.

“Looting Iraq’s History,” Archives in Danger – History Lost?, al-Dhakira al-Arabiyya / Arab Memory 3rd International Workshop, Beirut [invited], 2009.

“Addressing Iraqi Forced Migration” Presentation, The Return and Resettlement of Displaced Iraqis, U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations Hearing,, 2009.

“Forced Migration and the Homogenization of Iraq and the Middle East’s Ethno-Sectarian Mosaic,” The Gulf and the Globe 2009 Conference, Naval Academy, Annapolis [invited], 2009.

Presenter and Panel Organizer, “Catch Basins, Evangelicals, and the Homogenization of Iraqi Milletnicity,” Displacing Borders: Iraq’s Post-2003 Forced Migration Panel Middle East Studies Association Conference, Washington, 2008.

“Force Multipliers, Embedded NGOs, and the Degradation of Humanitarian Space,” Confronting the Iraq Humanitarian Crisis: An NGO-Scholar Dialogue” Roundtable, Middle East Studies Association Conference, Washington, 2008.

“Iraqi Forced Migration in an Era of Sectarian Remapping,” Association of Conflict Resolution Conference, Austin [invited], 2008.

Keynote Panelist, Iraq: Where do We Go From Here? Roundtable, Association of Conflict Resolution Conference, Austin [invited], 2008.

“Regional Policy Reception of Iraqi Refugees,” International Association of Contemporary Iraqi Studies Conference, London, 2008.

Panelist, Iraq: What to Do? Symposium, Global Constitutions Forum, Philadelphia [invited], 2008.

Panelist, Forum on Iraq’s Humanitarian Crisis, George Washington University, Washington, 2008.

Panelist, Iraq: Examining the Diplomatic and Political Tools to Achieve Progress and Stability Panel, Center for American Progress, Washington, 2008.

Discussant, Panel on Kurdish Displacement, Brookings Institution, Washington, 2008.

“There Go the Neighborhoods: Policy Effects vis-à-vis Iraqi Forced Migration,” Dispossession and Displacement: Forced Migration in the Middle East and Africa Symposium, London [invited], 2008.

“Iraq Endgame,” Great Decision Series, League of Women Voters, Williamsburg [invited], 2008.

“Teaching by Trial and Error,” College Teaching that Promotes Active Learning Conference, Chicago, 2007.

“Was There an Iraq Before There Was an Iraq?,” Middle East Studies Association Conference, Montreal, 2007.

“The Middle East: What the Goal Should Be,” B’nai B’rith, Jewish Community Center, Fairfax [invited], 2007.

Panelist, First Annual Symposium on the Relations Between the United States and the Islamic World, Payson Center, Tulane University, New Orleans [invited], 2007.

“Iraq’s Long March From Monarchic Pluralism to Ba‘athist Hegemony,” Middle East Studies Association Conference, Boston, 2006.

Discussant, What Does it Mean to be Iraqi? The Politics of Identity in Iraq Panel, Iraq Working Group, U.S. Institute of Peace, Washington, C-Span 2 [invited], 2006.

“The Eastern Frontier: Baghdad, Basra, and Mosul Under Ottoman Rule,” From Mesopotamia to Iraq: Historical Perspectives on the Middle East Symposium, Tulane University, New Orleans [invited], 2006.

“Shaku Maku: The Effect of Assassinations, Emigration, and Communalization on Iraqi Higher Education,” The Making of Muslim Youths: New Cultural Politics in the Global North and South Conference, The Hague [invited], 2006.

Discussant, From Insurgency to Reconstruction: Contexts for Post-Ba‘thi Iraq Panel, Middle East Studies Association Conference, Washington, 2005.

“What Was Lost In Iraq 2003: An Overview and Update,” Libraries in Times of War, Conflict, and Social Change Conference, Library History Seminar XI, Champaign-Urbana, 2005.

“Osman on the Mind: Tommaso Campanella’s Utopian Vision,” Ottoman and Atlantic Empires Conference, Istanbul [invited], 2005.

Panelist, Accounts of Eyewitnesses Panel, A Future for Our Past Symposium, Istanbul [invited], 2004.

“The Destruction of Iraqi Libraries and Archives,” Midwest Art History Society Panel, University of Notre Dame [invited], 2004.

Panelist, The Baghdad Library in Flames, One Year Later Panel, San Francisco Public Library Forum [invited], 2004.

“The State of Post-War Iraq’s Manuscript Collections,” Middle East Studies Association Conference, Anchorage, 2003.

“The Effects of War and Looting on Iraq’s Manuscript Collections,” Boulder Library Speakers’ Series and University of Denver [invited], 2003.

“Who’s Who in Iraq, 2003: A Socio-Historical Context Analysis,” Joint NGO Emergency Preparedness Initiative Workshop, Amman [invited], 2003.

“The Role of Takfir in the Construction of an Ottoman Islam,” American Historical Association Conference, Chicago, 2003.

Kalam and the Construction of Homo Ottomanicus,” Middle East Studies Association Conference, Washington, 2002.

“Pirates, Sea Ghazis, and Warrior Priests: Ottoman-Knights of St. John Relations from an Ottoman Perspective, Part II,” World Congress for Middle Eastern Studies Conference, University of Mainz, 2002.

“A Conscience to Die For: Prince Korkud’s (ca. 1468-1513) Casuistic Treatises,” Conference on Conscience in the Early Modern World, 1500-1800, University of Sheffield, 2002.

The Hajj as Justifiable Self-Exile: Prince Korkud’s Means of the Beloved,” International Medieval Congress, University of Leeds, 2002.

“Pirates, Sea Ghazis, and Warrior Priests: Ottoman-Knights of St. John Relations from an Ottoman Perspective, Part I,” Comité International d’Études Pré-Ottomanes et Ottomanes Conference, London School of Economics, 2002.

“Every Soul Tastes Death: The Life and Times of a Dissident Ottoman Prince – Şehzade Korkud (ca. 1468-1513),” Southeastern Medievalists Association Conference, New Orleans, 2001.

Kalam in the Service of State: Korkud’s Hafiz al-insan and the Takfir Fetvas of Kemalpaşazade and Sarı Gürz Hamza Efendi,” Symposium on Authority and Legitimacy in the Ottoman Empire, Bogaziçi University, Istanbul [invited], 2001.

“Ottoman Governance and Islamic Ethics According to Şehzade Korkud’s Da‘wat al-nafs al-taliha,” Deutsches Orientalisches Tage Conference, Bamberg, 2001.

“Deviants, Obstinates, Refuseniks, Ungrateful Loutes, Hypocrites, and some others: Şehzade Korkud’s Sharh alfaz al-kufr.’ Comité International d’Études Pré-Ottomanes et Ottomanes Conference, Çeşme, 2000.

“Baraq Baba (d. 1307): The Evolution and Devolution of a Deviant Dervish’s Memory,” Jusūr Conference, UCLA, Los Angeles, 1998.



2010-11           American Research Institute in Turkey (ARIT) Faculty Research Grant.

2008                Georg-Eckert-Institut für internationale Schulbuchforschung Research Grant.

2007-08           University of Mary Washington Faculty Achievement Award.

2007-08           United States Institute of Peace (USIP) Jennings Randolph Fellowship.

2006                University of Mary Washington Faculty Development Grant.

2005                University of Mary Washington Faculty Development Grant.

2005                The American Academic Research Institute in Iraq (TAARII).

US Scholars Research in Iraq Fellowship.  Fellowship awarded, implementation not possible.

2002                University of Chicago Humanities Division Overseas Research Grant.

Carried out dissertation-related archival research in the National Library of Malta.

2001-02           Institute for Turkish Studies (ITS) Dissertation Writing Grant.

2001                Finalist for Charlotte W. Newcombe Dissertation Writing Grant for Ethics and Theology.

1999-2000       Fulbright-Hayes Doctoral Dissertation Research Abroad (DDRA) Fellowship.

American Research Institute in Turkey (ARIT) Dissertation Research Grant [awarded, but declined].

Examined and collected manuscript and archival materials at the Süleymaniye Library, Topkapı Palace Library and Archives, and Başbakanlık Archives in Istanbul with official Turkish government research permission.  Conducted research visits to manuscript collections in Ankara, Bursa, Manisa, Baghdad, Mosul, Beirut, Cairo, Berlin, Paris, and Jerusalem.

1996-97           Fulbright-Institute for International Education (IIE) Turkey Fellowship.

Examined and collected manuscript and archival materials at the Süleymaniye, Topkapı Palace, Istanbul University, and Millet Library collections in Istanbul with official Turkish government research permission.  Conducted research visits to manuscript collections in Ankara, Diyarbekir, Elmalı, Erzerum, Konya, Sivas, and Damascus.

1995-96           Title IX Fellowship.

1995 (summer)            American Research Institute in Turkey (ARIT), Foreign Language-Area Studies (FLAS) Grants.

Attended advanced modern Turkish language program at Bogaziçi University in Istanbul.

1994-95           Foreign Language-Area Studies/Title VI (FLAS) Fellowship.

1994 (summer)            Mellon Foundation Language Support Grant.

Attended intermediate modern Turkish language program at Bogaziçi University in Istanbul.

1993-95, 97-98            University of Chicago NELC Department Fellowship.

1990-91           Rotary Foundation International Scholarship.

Attended U.S. Government-supported CASA Advanced Arabic Immersion Program in Cairo.



Consultant, L-3, USA, 2009-2010.

Coauthored a paper for government usage pertaining to the “Kurdish Initiative” in Turkey.

External Grant Reviewer, Iraq Field Projects, United States Institute of Peace, USA, 2005-present.

Reviewed project proposals submitted by Iraqi NGOs for USIP civil society funding.

Polling Station Supervisor, Monitor, Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe, Bosnia, Kosovo, Ukraine, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia, 1997-2010.

Monitored 2007 Kyrgyzstan, 2006 Belarus, and 2004 Ukraine presidential elections.  Supervised and monitored polling stations in 2001 and 2002 Kosovo national and municipal elections, 1998 Bosnia presidential and parliamentary elections, and 1997 Bosnia municipal elections.  Seconded by U.S. State Department and U.S. Peace Corps.

Consultant, Joint NGO Emergency Preparedness Initiative (JNEPI), Jordan, 2003.

Authored report addressing Iraq’s socio-political context for NGO use.  Organized and led workshop.

Context Officer, Liaison Officer, Administrator, Logistician, Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders Jordan, Turkey, Albania, Iran, Somalia, 1992-2003.

Jointly conducted exploratory mission determining potential MSF activity in Iraq.  Negotiated with community and clan leaders concerning team security and staff contracts.  Liaised with UN, NGO, and local government personnel.  Established national staffing guidelines and office administration.  Controlled personnel issues for over 200 local staff in war zone.  Managed $100,000/month cash security, logistics, and budgetary control for $4 million emergency health relief project.  Negotiated contracts.  Evaluated program administration.  Authored program updates and situation reports.  Supervised offloading and storage of international air cargo shipments.  Dispatched relief shipments.  Maintained inventory records.  Explored local purchase options.  Conducted field/HQ communications and press relations.  Led public and professional discussions concerning relief profession upon return from the field.

Field Coordinator, Project Manager, Chef de Service, Catholic Relief Services, Somalia, Iraq, 1991-92.

Managed air and land transport logistics, rural population registration, and food distributions for 1400 MT sorghum emergency relief project.  Established office administration.  Negotiated with local authorities. Managed project finances, food logistics, reporting, and local personnel for $4.5 million USG-funded emergency relief  project.  Authored program updates, situation reports, and project proposals.  Supported field personnel.  Liaised with UN, NGO, and government personnel.  Directed and monitored relief distributions.

Fieldwork Evaluation Intern, [Foster Parents] PLAN International, Zambia, 1989.

Evaluated program implementation and socio-economic impact of USAID-funded rural/urban development program.  Interviewed participants, collected data, and wrote case studies.

Development Management Intern, Africare, Egypt, Sudan, 1988.

Initiated local fund-raising efforts.  Developed project proposals.



American Association of University Professors

Middle East Studies Association

American Civil Liberties Union

MSF/Doctors Without Borders U.S. Assocation, Dutch Association

American Historical Association

Southeast Regional Middle East and Islamic Studies Seminar

International Studies Association



General Education Committee, 2008-present.

Katrina Relief Student Volunteers Trip, Organizer and Faculty Mentor, 2007-2008.

Ottoman Istanbul Summer Course, Founder and Director, 2007.

Fulbright-Hays Group Projects Abroad Reviewer, 2007.

Fulbright Program Advisor, 2006-present.

Advised Three Fulbright Grantees and Three Runners-Up, 2006-2009.

International Academic Services Assistant Director Search Committee Member, 2007.

Middle East Studies Certificate Co-Founder, 2006.

Faculty Senator, representing Department of History and American Studies, 2005-07.

U.S. Institute of Peace Grant Reviewer, 2005-present.



University of Mary Washington:

Ottoman Legacies Seminar                  Modern Iraq

The Arab-Israeli Conflict                     Introduction to the Study of History

Islamic Civilization I                            Western Civilization II

Islamic Civilization II

Boğaziçi Üniversitesi:

Introduction to Ottoman History

Loyola University, New Orleans:

History of Modern Iraq.                                   Middle East History I

Palestinians and Israelis                                   Middle East History II