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Iraq, Bush’s Speech, DHS, Onion

1) Guest editorial on Juan Cole’s blog — and this one couldn’t have been done better: Guest Opinion: Iraq Avalanche Unstoppable: Richards “The Iraq Avalanche Cannot be Stopped” by Alan Richards University of California Santa CruzSanta Cruz, CAJune 24, … Continue reading

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WTI, Reparations, Italy Renditions, Tell Afar, Rambo III, Ferries, Souter, Abstinence 1) These are the findings of the World Tribunal on Iraq, which took place last weekend in Istanbul: Tribunal on Iraq Findings World Tribunal on Iraq Monday 27 June 2005 The attack on Iraq is an attack on justice, … Continue reading

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Dershowitz, Roy, Caucus, Ritter, Radio Niqash, Citgo, Green

1) The following is an email message from Beshara Doumani, a Middle East History Professor at Berkeley, concerning a new book by Norman Finkelstein and academic freedom in light of attempts to squelch said book: Dear Friends: I want to … Continue reading

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World Tribunal, U-2, Iraq Evangelicals, DSM,Grad School Barbie

1) This weekend I’ll be attending the World Tribunalin Istanbul. Check out the schedule . Featuring Arundhati Roy,Dennis Halliday, and several others, it should bequite an event:”US Television Network to Provide Global Broadcast ofWorld Tribunal on Iraq. Marks Third … Continue reading

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Kurdistan, Ethnic Cleansing, California Uber Alles, President for Life, Peak Oil, NPR, DOWNING , Generation Debt

1) Kurdistan Hath Arrived:INSIGHT IRAQ Volume I, Issue 7June 9, 2005Comment From IraqControl In Northern IraqA colleague recently crossing into northern Iraq fromTurkey reports an interesting form of passport controlon the Iraqi side. The receiving Kurdishmilitiamen glue a detachable pageinto … Continue reading

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Downing St. LA Condom Program in Danger, Anti-Rep, Iraq Universities

1) Cole on the Downing Street Memo and the blog world.Once again, he’s right on the mark (go to read the posting with relevantlinks):The Downing Street Memos and the Revenge of theBloggersWhen Michael Smith of the London Times wrote … Continue reading

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War Criminals, Klein

1) Juan Cole explains in great detail why Blair mightstill face jail time for the US/UK crime of aggressionagainst Iraq in 2003. For links to all of the reportshe cites, go to his blog. This is the legal argument as … Continue reading

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Peak Oil, Baghdad Bob,Downing St. Memo, Falluja Video, ICG Report

www.truthtalkz.blogspot.comwww.truthtalkziraq.blogspot.comMy apologies for the lack of postings in the pastmonth. I’m on the road, and internet connections areintermittent nowadays. If you only read one article,read the last one…1) Baghdad Bob, DC George. This op-ed by Juan Colepretty much says it … Continue reading

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