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Educ Legislation, Anti-Zionism, Iraq Abuses, New Blog, Real-ID Act

1) Florida Legislation targets “Leftist” Professors: 2) Poisoning the Well: The False Equation ofAnti-Zionism and Anti-Semitism: Irfan KhawajaMr. Khawaja is adjunct professor of philosophy at TheCollege of New Jersey and Rutgers-Camden, andExecutive Director of the Institute for theSecularisation of Islamic … Continue reading

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Wolfowitz,Gulag Achipelago, Iraq Health, …

1) Wolfowitz? Are they nuts? Well, yes. When askedif they had consulted their European “allies” aboutthe choice, a Bush spokesperson said something to theeffect of: “of course…we agreed that the candidatewould be a person with diplomatic and mangagerialexperience — and … Continue reading

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Ramadi Madness, Nabih Berri, Naomi Klein, Donors, Israeli Bombs, Barbary Folks

1) From Juan Cole’s Blog :”The Ramadi Madness Video showing abusive behavior byUS troops. The ACLU continues to call for a SpecialCounsel, apparently convinced that the tone ofbehavior of some US military units in Iraq towardcaptured Iraqis was set … Continue reading

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Iraq Mortality, Ramadi Madness, Democracy, US Army Draft, Chernobyl,…

www.truthtalkz.blogspot.comwww.truthtalkziraq.blogspot.com1) Those who forget the past are condemned to … ahhforget it, no one cares:,2763,1435181,00.htmlIraq allies accused of failing to investigate civiliandeathsSarah Boseley, health editorFriday March 11, 2005The GuardianExperts in public health from six countries, includingthe UK, today castigate the … Continue reading

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Lee Kaplan,Rashid Khalidi, Land Confiscation, …

1) This is an article about Lee Kaplan, the fellow whomisquoted me for an article entitled “Scholars forTerror” on after the Middle EastStudies Association (MESA) Conference in San Franciscolast November: Cruz Community Television is offering up morethan the usual … Continue reading

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POSTINGS FROM NABIL1) Pipes is here actually accused of being too soft onIslam by a Frontpage writer. It’s as if they’retrying to create a debate spectrum whereby to bemoderate is to say that we should only kill hundredsof thousands for … Continue reading

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>> From March 4 through 20, the New Orleans> International Human Rights Film Festival will bring> a broad array of thought provoking and artistically> stunning new films. This historic event will mark> perhaps the first time a festival with this … Continue reading

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Blair, Academic Balance, Disappearing Folks, etc…

1) I remember protesting in London in Fall 2003, andthe whole time the Blair government kept insistingthat no commitment had been made to go to war: Crawford Deal: did Blair sign up for war at Bush’sTexas ranch in April … Continue reading

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